3D 6D Eyelashes Extensions

3D 6D Eyelashes
Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are attached to natural lashes to obtain a longer, fuller, curlier look. It is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. They immediately open up the eyes, and can make many women look younger. There are various types of eyelash extensions which are given below.

Semi-permanent Lashes

Semi-permanent lash extensions increase the density and extend the length. As a result you can enjoy long, beautiful and thicker lashes from the minute you wake up, without any hassle or the need for mascara. Imagine not having to remove the sticky mascara at the end of the day or before you go swimming, this is a huge benefit to the delicate skin around your eyes. Especially popular with wearers of contact lenses and those with sensitive skin who have to pay a fortune for a specialist mascara.

Lightweight and curved to suit your own lashes. We use the best quality products because of which they not only look and feel like your own. It will not damage the natural lashes. We have a therapist who specializes in the application of all types of lashes and has over 7 years of experience in application and removal of individual lashes.

To keep your eyelashes looking full and fabulous will require infills every 2-3 weeks. It depends on the type of lashes applied, your natural lash cycle as well as how you have taken care of them. We give full aftercare advice so that you get the absolute best from your new lashes. While you are following the aftercare advice, your lashes will give you the feel good factor each time you look in the mirror; morning, noon, or night.


Volume 3D-6D Eyelash Extensions A fan of between 3 to 6 lightweight lashes is applied to one single natural eyelash. Less adhesive is required because of it”hugging” the natural lash. The thinner lashes flex more easily and place less strain on the natural lashes so they are not just lighter, but also stronger and more importantly: sustainable over a long period of time by having regular infills. These can be applied to clients wishes, natural, full or glamour looks. We recommend these lashes where a client is not able to wear make up for work, hospital environments etc.


A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your appointment.

  •   Full set £80.00
  •   Infills every 2 weeks £20
  •   Infills every 3 weeks £30


Russian Volume 6D-8D Eyelash Extensions

This advanced technique is the ultimate in eyelash extensions; using the lightest and finest product enables between 6 to 8 lashes to be applied in a fan to one natural eyelash, giving a full, lush lash line that appears soft and fluffy, whilst still maintaining the health of the natural lashes. Regular infills over many, many months will keep your lashes looking full and fabulous. This can be applied in a variety of looks from natural to dramatic.

A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your appointment.

  •  Full set £100
  •  Infills every 2 weeks £25
  •  Infills every 3 weeks £35



Natural Classic 1:1 Unlike traditional strip or express lashes, these extensions are applied to each individual natural lash: one extension per lash. It results in either a natural or dramatic look, depending on your preference. The extension is a heavier lash meaning it will require more maintenance than a lighter lash.

A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your appointment.

  • Full set natural look £50
  • Infills every 2 weeks £20


Express lashes

Express Individual lashes are placed randomly over the natural lash area for fast results. These lashes will last up to two weeks and need to be carefully removed by the therapist. Click here for photo.

A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your appointment.



A strip of lashes is applied to each eye and are for one day use only, the lashes can be cleaned and reused on the same person. Recommended for when a client only requires a fuller look for one event or occasion. Or when colored/jeweled/cat walk lashes are required.


NB: a patch test is required at least 24-48 hours prior to the treatments and can be arranged when making your booking.


How to look after your Lashes

These lashes will look good for 2 to 3 weeks, with care you should have shedding of your own eyelashes. To keep your lashes looking full and beautiful maintenance is required by having infill’s every two weeks. During your maintenance appointment any untidy or loose lashes will be removed, new extensions applied and your lashes will look as good as new again. Around 70% to 80% of your lashes left after this time. During that period you will notice some loss of your extensions, this is due to the natural process.  Showing off your new look? Feel the benefit of your fabulous new eyelashes by introducing new clients to us.  Moreover, if just 3 of your friends come to us for eyelash extensions, we will do your infill’s for FREE.

*Only applicable after all three full set treatments on different clients are completed.


  Eyelash Extension Aftercare

  • Refrain from picking or pulling at your new lashes, as you will lose your own lashes underneath. If you choose to wear mascara only use oil free products and apply just to the tips.
  • To remove eye make-up use an oil free remover with soft tissue, cotton wool will leave fibers on your lashes. Do not use face wipes.
  • Be careful when opening very hot ovens or having naked flames too near your lashes, they will react to extreme heat.
  • A good quality sealant will protect the bonds of your extensions, they will look better and last longer.
  • For 48 hours after your extensions please avoid the following: using hot water or steam on your face/swimming/using a Jacuzzi, Steam room or Sauna.

Our products

The adhesives that are in our collection have been tested to medical ISO standards making them the best and safest choice for your eyelash extension treatments

they are all latex free and zero rated for formaldehyde. This results in dramatically lower chance of allergic reactions and irritations around the eye area, allowing more clients to be able to experience the great results that we are so proud of. We have chosen to ensure that all of the semi-permanent eyelash adhesives that we use comply with the latest European Union regulations. This required a huge amount of research and testing to make sure that all aspects were up to the highest possible standard. With millions of eyelash treatments carried out across the globe, our technician will

happily tell you that there is no better lash adhesive collections out there regardless of their price!

Products available to buy in salon


We sell product for home use that enables you to keep your lashes looking fuller and cleaner between appointments, it also prolongs the life of your lashes.


Hi max Lash Glitter

Enables you to take your lashes to the next level! Beautifully colored glitter that doesn’t irritate and washes off after one use. Perfect for parties and proms or basically any occasion you feel brave enough to sparkle. There is enough to use again and again. We are happy to advise on colors in the salon.


Rainbow lashes, the next big thing!-available in all lash extension varieties, can be added to bring out the color of your own eyes as subtle highlights or you can choose to have the whole set rainbow colored, great if you like to think outside the box. We add as many or as few as you wish.

Check in with us regularly for all new offers and products.



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