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Zoya’s Beauty are now offering Beauty Courses! Are you a looking to pick up a new skill or work on your precision?

?We are offering a 3D BROW SCULPTING COURSE. 3D Brow Sculpting is a unique new brow service that offers clients long lasting brows that last up to 3 weeks! Creating shape & volume along with fuller appearance. The multi layering technique uses special glaze mixed with pigment powders to create a exceptional look.

Interested in taking in the Brow Sculpting course?

DATE: 25th September 2016 Venue: Zoya’s Beauty Salon

Please call us or direct message to book yourself a space.


Now it is time to introduce our Popular Eyelash Extension course that is a craze for ladies right now.

On our Eyelash Extensions courses you will learn how to apply individual lashes to add length, volume, and beauty! Eyelash Exdtensions last for around a month therefore are a very popular in the beauty industry.

There is alot more in depth information available about this course if you or any of your friends and family are interested so please drop us a message!

Course Name: Lash Extension Date: 16th October 2016 Venue: Zoya’s Beauty

Eyelash extension kit also available to buy through this course so get in contact now!

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