A manicure is a treatment for both your nails and your hands. Not only are there aesthetic benefits but it can actually improve the overall health and appearance of your hands and nails.

File & Polish  10 minutes

Mini Manicure 20 minutes

Fabulous treat for your hands which includes cleaning, buffing, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing.

Express Manicure 30 minutes

Especially created for a busy lifestyle, this on the move manicure keeps hands and nails well groomed and fashionable. Ideal for in between immaculate manicure

Fabulous treat for your hands which includes cleaning, buffing, shaping, base-and-top coating  polishing and Massage.


Standard Manicure 45 minutes

This treatment includes cleaning, Soak, buffing, exfoliating, trimming, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing. During your manicure, we will soften the cuticle and gently push it back, trimming only when needed or requested.  A massage for hands and arms is performed, finished with either a colour or clear polish to complete this gorgeous treat.


Luxury Pedicure 60 minutes

Luxury Hot Paraffin Manicure or Heated manicure mitts

This ultimate treatment for the ‘best dressed hands and nails’ when time is an issue and pampering is needed. The Luxury manicure provides a celebrity manicure for clients who want a little luxury.

This treatment includes cleaning, Soak, buffing, exfoliating, trimming, shaping, base-and-top coating ,Polishing and Paraffin or Heated Mitts

A paraffin Luxury manicure will soothe and rejuvenate your hands. After you receive a manicure, we will apply hot paraffin or Heated Mitts to hydrate your hands and increase moisture. The paraffin or Heated Mitts manicure will improve circulation and leave your hands feeling as soft as can be.



  • Manicure is the art of caring for the Hands and Nails.
  • A Manicure can increase the comfort level of your Hands.
  • A Manicure will enhance the appearance of your Hand.
  • Receiving a Manicure can be exceptionally relaxing.

Gel polish manicure 30 minutes
These manicures see a special chip-resistant ‘gel’ varnish applied, which dries more quickly and lasts far longer than standard nail polish. Gel polishes are often set using a UV light


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