Free your feet from stress, aches & tension
This ultimate pedicure combines glamour and relaxation. Walk away from this treatment feeling uplifted with lasting results for you to enjoy.
Pedicures are more than just treatments to improve the appearance of feet and toes.

Improve Self-Esteem
The way feet look can affect self-esteem. Low self-esteem can make spending time at a beach or wearing open-toed shoes difficult. Pedicures make the feet and nails appear healthy and vibrant. This relieves some of the anxiety and stress associated with feet that have not received professional attention from a pedicurist.

Benefits of Pedicures
Having regular pedicures will help remove & soften hard skin, whilst improving the appearance of the cuticles, toenails & legs. 

Clipping and Shaping

The pedicurist will evenly clip your toenails to the desired length. An emery board is then positioned under the nail and softly moved back and forth for further shaping. Filing the nails gives them your choice of a squared or slightly rounded appearance. Make sure the toenails are not cut too short, or filed too rounded, as this can cause ingrown toenails.
File and Polish

Mini Pedicure
For the client with a busy lifestyle. Pamper your feet and leave them well groomed in just 15 minutes.Clipping, Shaping Buffing and Polish

Express Pedicure
Enjoy our Express  pedicure and experience  Relaxing massage. Just in 20 Minutes.
Clipping, Shaping, Buffing, Hand Massage and Polish.

When time is an issue, the custom pedicure offers a full pedicure service in less than an hour 45 Minutes .
nail shaping,Soak, cuticle maintenance, exfoliating dead skin, foot massage and polish.

nail shaping, Soak, cuticle maintenance, exfoliating dead skin, moisturizing  mask with warming mitts or feet dipped in warm paraffin to increase blood circulation, moisturize skin and rejuvenates dry skin. Then enjoy a relaxing leg and foot massage completed iwth your chosen shade of nail polish. 

Pedicure Flip Flops
The first thing you should never forget to bring is your pedicure flip flops. You have to bring your own flip flops so that you will not be sharing with the other customers.

OWN NAIL POLISH (optional)
It is always nice to bring your nail polish. You can choose the colour that you want for your toe nail and you can do a retouch of the colour if you need it.

We also do Pedicure with Shellac Gel Polish.
Please Ask the Therapist



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