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We Welcome you At Zoya’s Beauty. You Can  now Experience, Wonderful and Amazing result of Three shades, Hawaii (light Shade) Ecuador (Medium)   and Brazil (Dark) of VITA LIBERATA LUXURY TAN MOISTURE LOCKING SYSTEM in our very own  salon.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan. can be ordered with clients request ( Please Ask the therapist for more information)
pHenomenal Long Lasting Tan Mousse – Vita Liberata



Different methods of skin coloring have been tried with varying degrees of success. temporary (wash off) bronzers are still popular, but the most effective method to date is the use of a sugar derived from sugar beet or sugar cane through the fermentation of glycerine: dihydroxyacetone (dha). this was first recognised in the 1920s by german scientists working on the X-ray process. they noted that if dha accidentally spilled on the skin, the skin would turn brown a while later. World War 2 halted further investigation.
in the 1950s eva Wittgenstein, a researcher at the children’s hospital ohio, was experimenting with the use of high doses of orally administered dha liquid to treat children with glycogen storage diseases. Some children were sick and it was noted that a few hours later, brown patches appeared on the skin where the liquid had splashed and been wiped away. the patches gradually faded after 5 days. She continued to experiment with the dha substance, painting it onto her own skin and recording the effects. eventually she was able to produce a natural looking tan effect. She also noted that dha did not penetrate beyond the Stratum corneum layer of the skin.
it was found that the dha reacted with the proteins of the dead skin cells, colouring them. the various amino acids in the protein reacted differently to the dha, producing different tones from yellow to brown. these pigments are called melanoids. they are similar in colouration to melanin – the natural colouring substance found deeper in the skin. Whilst giving a colour similar to melanin, the melanoids offer little or no sun protection. as the colouring only occurs in the upper layer of the skin, the effect is temporary, lasting 5 – 7 days until the cells have been shed and replaced with new unstained cells.
uvB is believed to most greatly increase your risk of developing skin cancer, particularly types such as basal cell. there is increasing evidence that uva is also extremely dangerous and can be linked to the development of the most aggressive form of cancer, malignant melanoma, which can spread rapidly throughout the body.
another worrying side effect is damage to the eyes. permanent sight damage can result from burning the corneas and regular use of sunbeds can increase the risk of developing cataracts or other complications which can lead to blindness.
Exposure to uv rays causes premature ageing and skin damage. in the short term, sunbeds can cause the skin to become dry and itchy and may even burn if the skin is overexposed to the harmful rays. in the long term, skin can lose its elasticity leading to sagginess and wrinkles and fine lines can become more prominent, especially on the face where the skin is more delicate. dermatologists and doctors recommend that people with low natural levels of melanin (those who are fair skinned or freckled) should avoid the use of sunbeds altogether. it is also completely inadvisable to use sunbeds if you are under the age of 16.


• Odour remove™ technology for zero smell
• Instantly drying solutions
• Completely non-toxic formulations
• Certified organic botanicals
• Perfect fade

• Shower and exfoliate 24 hours before tanning with an oil free product. We recommend Super Fine Body polish.
• hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done at least 24 hours prior to tanning.
• avoid moisturising for 24 hours prior to tanning as even after showering residue can remain on the skin.
• on the day of your tan don’t wear any make-up, deodorant or perfume, body oils or lotions.

Immediately after your spray tan:
• remember the instant tan colour you see is only a guiding bronzer. your tan will develop within 6 – 8 hours.
• keep hands and skin completely dry for 6 – 8 hours.
• do not apply cosmetics or skincare products over the developing tan.
• avoid activities that make you perspire for 6 – 8 hours after the tan is applied.

After your tan has developed:
to allow maximum dha development, wait 6 – 12 hours before showering.
• Pale / Hard to tan skin: 8 – 12 hours
• Medium / Dark skin: 6 – 8 hours
• Shower with warm water. once the water runs clear, use a shower gel containing no essential oils and pat the skin dry.
• avoid using skincare products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (ahas) as they will strip your tan.
• do not wax / shave for 24 hours as this removes layers of skin and will remove the tan too!
• moisturise twice daily, with product that doesn’t contain essential oils like vita liberata Moisture boost body Treatment.

Results will vary depending on the individual. pale skin will not be the same colour after tanning as dark / sallow skin. chlorine, perfume, deodorant, products containing essential oils, dehydration and skin health can all affect your tan result. certain products can affect the quality of the tan including perfume, deodorant, moisturizer and oil-based cosmetics.
the healthier your skin, the better your tanning results will be. there are a number of reasons your skin might not be in the optimal condition for tanning and why your tan may not be as effective as expected:

– Sickness
– medication – herbal or prescribed
– hormonal balance
– Stress / exhaustion – dehydration
– ph level of the skin
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